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CEO Message

Leading the public service improvements
based on creative mind and
continuous technology innovation.

Since 2004, AllforLand has been achieving
tremendous performances and creating explosive
synergy through accumulated technologies on building GIS data
and on developing GIS software & platform, to cover land and ocean both.
By these accumulated technologies AllforLand
has been attributing to improve public administration services and
transformed to the provider of General Spatial ICT service.

In particular, not staying only in the traditional GIS market,
we are widening our competency to the state-of-art technologies such
as Big Data Analysis, Cloud Service, Autonomous Vehicle Map, 3D Map,
Digital Twin, Metaverse, etc.
On the one hand, we are focusing to improve the efficiency
on the public fields - ocean, land, cadastral, construction, disaster, etc.
On the other hand, we are cultivating the ability to
manage large scale SI project with verified quality assurance.

AllforLand is going to make "Alliance for Geospatial Information Service"
covering from building spatial information to providing geospatial service,
accelerating cooperation between the alliance members.
We promise to provide advanced better services at various areas through the alliance.

Your attention makes us work and grow.
AllforLand will do our best to create the best value for you.

CEO Kim, Byoung Ki