Ethical Management

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AllforLand Co., Ltd. upholds this Code of Ethics for any decision-making or behavior in management activities.


We do not solicit, receive, and promise illegal or unethical benefit from stakeholders or between internal employees.


We prioritize company and customer benefit within legal boundaries in case of conflicting interests.


We do not use or leak any information acquired during work for personal gain and maintain confidentiality.


We do not abuse authority or position illegally pursuing personal or organizational profit.


We do not make, report or share any false report including cover-up, understatement, exaggeration, or manipulation.


We do not agree with actions that unfairly restrict competition in price, the supply amount, trading area, or trading condition, and we do not use or obtain any information illegally from competitors, partners, or others.


We do not impose unfair conditions or prices on subcontractors, pursuing win-win relationships with collaborators by ensuring fair competition, written or electronic contracts, and reasonable prices.


We safeguard third-party's confidential information and do not infringe on other's intellectual property.


We safeguard employees' and stakeholders' information, complying with laws and regulations in the case of collection, storage, processing, transmission, or sharing of the information, and do not behave in any way capable of infringing on any personal information illegally.


We do not disrupt quality standards enabling us to provide the best products and services, but listen attentively to customers' voices and actively embrace the justifiable demands or reasonable suggestions. We provide valid information without exaggeration to support customers in making better decisions.

CEO Kim, Byoung Ki